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Work Trap

Apr 24, 2019

Folks, it's the end of the season! I know we're a little late, but it's worth the wait. We're finally done talking about business movies, and what better way to end it with than Office Space?

We talk horrible bosses, why jobs never change, being let down, organizational chaos, and so so much more. 


Apr 10, 2019

In this episode we take the lessons learned from watching The Wolf Of Wall Street. We discuss the merits of conning and defrauding unsuspecting victims. Is it ethical? What if the other person is also trying to con you? Who can you trust at work and in life? Who has the responsibility to do their due diligence?


Apr 3, 2019

We're introducing a new, recurring, segment on our podcast called WTF of the week. It's a short discussion of current work related stories that make us say WTF! 

The rest of the episode discusses the movie Liar Liar. We talk about being honest at work, what it means and how honest we really are. We throw in...